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Prison Escape Mission 3D


Welcome to the central prison, no one has been able to escape from this prison up till now!But the history is about to change itself as an epic prison escape adventure awaits you. It’s time to bid farewell to your jail inmates, and count the last of your days in prison, as you plan to escape from one of the highly secured jail.
Nothing is impossible! Use your wits and the weapons that you can get your hands on. Show some intense moves, manipulate the wardens, fight anyone and do whatever to make your escape plan a successful one, Escaping from one of the most secured prison is never easy, it requires all your wits and intelligence and a nonstop fight for freedom.
Look around you and make the best decision, the hard time spent at the prison has taught you the ins and outs of the jail, the ways around the prison are at the back of your mind and guards roosters on the tip of your fingers. But remember one wrong move can get you back in the prison world.
Now is your chance to fight for freedom. Seize the opportunity of an epic prison escape as it presents you. So plan a fool proof jail breakout plan, everything should go as decided, one wrong move can get you caught for your whole life. So with immense accuracy carry out the master escape plan of Prison Escape Mission 3D and earn your back to the free world.
Features of Prison Escape Mission 3D:
• Challenging jail escape levels• Perform prison escape tactics with stealth• Epic prison environment• Smooth and easy game-play• Works Offline :)